Our Approach

Our approach

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demonstrate that fostering prosperity and progess on a global level has to go hand in hand with improved educational opportunities, gender equality, a balanced ecosystem, strong institutions and a global partnership for development. The increasing gap between the social strata shows that solid economic growth cannot be achieved without social sustainability. Lack of equal opportunities and economic exploitation are inevitably linked to the social marginalisation of a growing number of people and an increasing risk of radicalisation and violence. These tendencies are often reinforced by the drastic consequences of irresponsible management of resources and the destruction of the environment. The interdependence of these developments has crystallised in recent years more than ever.

Based on this premise, we support our clients in engaging for sustainable development, by using a multi-level approach (personal - organisational - contextual), which is the most suitable one to successsfully promote transformational change.

The following principles are the central pillars of our work:
We offer a high degree of intercultural competence in combination with extensive regional expertise and experience, especially in conflict-prone areas and politically sensitive regions. We aim at contributing to a more equitable and sustainable approach to globalisation and the deep-rooted transformation processes it entails. This relates in particular to marginalised groups and their empowerment through globally relevant strategies that are refined and adapted locally.
Empowering people is the second pillar of our work. Our goal is to provide people with the know-how and skills to engage as responsible actors in their respective environment, and thus to shape their own future. In addition to genuine political and economic participation, this also includes a strong and capable civil society, which equally exercises its rights and responsibilities. We strive for new, innovative solutions that meet the respective target groups and their requirements. Innovation means more than just developing new ideas. A paradigm shift is required that combines local traditions and the tried-and-true methods with new ways of thinking, in order to create synergies and sustainability. In developing countries, where society is demographically increasingly dominated by the younger generation, the empowerment and careful social and economic integration of young people requires a special focus.
Our consulting work promotes the balance between economic development and ecological and social sustainability. We approach problems systemically and offer solutions that are relevant and applicable on all of these levels. Integral development also implies a commitment to greater equality of opportunities in education, the labour market and society, with the aim of fostering a more equitable global development.



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