Sonja Andjelkovic

Sonja is an international consultant, facilitator and trainer with more than 15 years experience in international development cooperation. She holds an MA in Islamic Studies, and certificates in systemic coaching, peace studies, refugee law, gender mainstreaming and organisational development.

The sectors she focuses on as international consultant are TVET, employment promotion and entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, good governance: conflict prevention and gender mainstreaming. Sonja has profound working experience in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, the Caucasus on different levels, from civil society empowerment to diplomacy.

In addition to her consulting and training activities in international development, she is a social entrepreneur, who has founded a number of social innovation initiatives, among them Business Makse Sense – Society for Sustainable Global Development, intercultures public and Afara Academic Publishing, an award-winning social innovation initiative for the development of knowledge economies in Africa and the Middle East.

Sonja is a creative philantropist, an author of books, articles and research studies, who is passionate about creating lasting positive change in communities through the empowerment of individuals and through advocating for equality. She believes in diversity, intercultural cooperation and innovation.

Sonja is a mother of three children and lives in Berlin, Germany.



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